10 Ways to Make Money as a Student

10 Ways to Make Money as a Student

Being a student is not easy. You have to dedicate most of your time to studying and acquiring new knowledge, trying to live within the tight budget and still get to have some time for social life. While the problems of studying for the most of the waking hours and having a social life is something you need to learn on your own, we have decided to give you a few tips on how to keep your pocket full during the college years.

We have all been there. Not all of us were lucky enough to have their parents save up to pay for the studying. That is why we need to get student loans and have to cut all expenses not to make this burden too heavy deal with. We switch to noodles instead of healthy foods, quit the gym and avoid any entertainment. However, instead of this, you can just find ways to make money without damage to your academic performance. So, let’s see what the ways to earn money for a student are.

Things to do to make money as a student

Things to do to make money as a student
  1. First of all, start making money by saving on the expenses you can avoid. Just look around: there is a whole bunch of things you can easily get by without. Let’s start with eating out. Cooking at home and even hosting parties in your room will cost you way cheaper than going places. You can get books from the library instead of buying them as well as buy used course books from people that took this class last year. And also, a simple advice is to turn appliances you don’t use off to cut expenses on the utility bills you have to pay for.
  2. You can start tutoring. Since you already know the material, there is nothing bad about offering your services as a tutor for those who find it difficult to master the course. Make sure to analyze the current situation on the “market” to establish fair prices and not to scare the students with the fee. This way you will refresh the knowledge and make some cash on “spreading the wisdom.”
  3. Start writing. If you can speak proper English, then you should remember that there are a lot of places you can write for. All kinds of tourist agencies, big stores, or even blogs are looking for people that will help them create fresh and original content. You can be one of the people they really need at the moment. So, search for such a job opportunity and work remotely from home.
  4. Alternatively, you can start a blog instead. If there is a topic you are particularly good at, and you think that people will find it useful, then you can always start your blog. You will make money by letting different companies post their ads on your age. Whenever people click on the ad, you will get your money. Just make sure you are committed enough to this idea. Otherwise, you will get bored even before you create a steady traffic on your website.
  5. You can create applications. As our world is getting more digitalized, applications are in high demand. What you need for it is sufficient knowledge, desire to make it in the best way possible, and a team later of people that will help you promote it and make it known among your target audience. Remember that you should develop something useful to become a success on the market, So, think twice before you decide on a niche you want to get into.
  6. Offer babysitting services to the locals. You will probably need to get some recommendations for this and apply through particular agencies, but this job is something every student can do. Plus it is always fun to be around children. Therefore, if you have younger siblings or have experience with helping some with their children, then this option is for you!
  7. Check out open spots at the nearest store. They always need the extra pair of hands to help assist the clients or clean up the place. So, if you are not afraid of a job like this, go for it. You can also ask for vacancies at cinema theaters, big malls, bookstores, etc.
  8. Apply for a position of a resident assistant. If you live in a dormitory and comply with the requirements of this post, then go for it. You will have fun organizing all sorts of events for students, and this occupation will guarantee you free boarding. This part of your budget can make you get into debts, so why not cutting the expenses with an opportunity like this?
  9. Get paid for helping fellow students. The thing is that you can easily keep your pocket full by offering others help with taking notes and proofreading their assignments. You can look for the position of a note-taker at agencies that provide their services to students with learning disabilities. The proofreading is mostly for those students that have excellent English skills and good grades. If you fit in this picture, then advertise your service among your peers and help them with checking their assignments and advising on the things they should improve.
  10. Finally, you can have tests done on you. There usually is a high demand for people like this to answer questions or to have simple tests performed on. All sorts of polls and surveys are what you are looking for. Just find out whether there are opportunities like this for you to join and make cash out of simple answers to common questions.

As you see, there are ways to earn money to pay the bills and not get into unbearable loans as a student. You just need to be proactive and look for opportunities around you. And remember you are not alone here, so don’t feel uncomfortable when offering people your services.