15 Common College Application Essay Topics

So, you are a high school student looking for prestigious schools to enter. However, as you know, the process of applying to a college of your dream includes an assignment in which one has to craft a creative piece that will impress the admissions board. However, this is not the only possible theme for this assignment. Thus, we highly recommend you checking out the other possible college application essay topics to be prepared.

From the research we conducted, we figured out that there are at least fifteen most common essay topics for college application. So, if you are interested to see them and maybe even to write a sample to try them out, meet our list of college application essay topics and save it for the time you start getting ready for college. Start preparing now with our application essay ultimate tutorial.

A list of essay topics for college entrance exam

1. Describe an environment in which you feel entirely comfortable.

This might seem like a tricky theme. What exactly do you have to describe in an article of this kind?

We believe that one should not just describe the physical surroundings they feel comfortable in, but also the atmosphere the find satisfying.

What most colleges expect students to answer when they give them such college entrance essay topics is that this particular student wants to study in an environment where they are challenged to explore and achieve more. Don’t sound like you are only seeking comfort but also mention that you are highly motivated and won’t be able to sit in one place and wait for the best to come. However, only say it if it’s really true.

2. Why this college?

In answer to this question, educators expect to hear that to study in this college was your childhood dream. If it is so, don’t hesitate to mention this fact. Make sure they realize why their college is appealing to you and that you did not just randomly pick them.

Another thing to do to increase your chances of entering the university of your dream is to mention how you can be an asset to the school and what you can contribute to the college. Remember it when working on a piece.

3. Why should we pick you?

This is old school question, yet almost all schools expect students to answer it. You don’t have to brag about your accomplishments but rather mention ones which make you an outstanding applicant who can contribute something to the life of the small college community.

Don’t lie here, and be honest. However, don’t try to shy away, as this is not the right time for it. Mention some accomplishments you are particularly proud of. All in all, leave a perfect first impression.

4. Mention the most powerful experience which, as you believe, must go on your application.

This format for college application essay topic is a real catch! You can write about any experience you want. What made you who you really are today? What important fact shaped you into being who you are? Was there one special moment which changed your life forever? What moment was it and how exactly it influenced you? Just share your thoughts and let the admissions board see who you really are!

5. Describe a person who had the most impact on your life.

Usually, in this essay topic for college application, schools expect you to describe someone who had a positive impact on you. Do you have a mentor who helps you get through difficult situations? Maybe you have a spiritual leader who inspires and encourages you whenever you stumble. Or you might mention your parents who taught you many good things in life.

Be honest and share the sources of your inspiration or a role model you have in your life.

6. What failures in life taught you something valuable?

Sometimes, school don’t want to hear how successful you are in your achievements. They want to see how well you deal with failures in your life.

It’s essential for them since they may also see how you will deal with troubles in your studies as well as how you will settle disputes with group mates which happen all the time and are a regular part of life. So, share a real story which took place in your life showing how well you handle conflicts.

7. Describe a time when you brought changes to something.

Proactive students are really valued among the educators. They are more likely to bring positive changes and support innovative initiatives of the school. All in all, if you present how you supported someone’s initiative or started one yourself, admissions board members are more likely to view you as a potential contributor and not merely a consumer.

8. Describe a source of your inspiration.

This a very broad college application essay rubric, and we highly recommend writing answers which are relevant to your area of study. For instance, if the specialization you apply for involves working with people a lot, explain why you feel motivated and inspired when collaborating with different individuals. Or else, mention who exactly is the biggest source of your inspiration and for what reasons. Whatever you write about, make it relevant to the specialization you’re interested in.

9. What is the biggest problem you ever solved?

When answering such question in college application essays topics, you need to concentrate and pick just one thing no matter how many examples you have in your head. Was there a time when you or your friends were struggling with some ethical or intellectual issues, and you found a way out for them? If there was, make sure to mention it in your composition. It’s your chance to make an unforgettable first impression. So, don’t blow it!

10. When did you realize that you are no longer a child?

We realize that this question can seem complicated, but it isn’t in reality. All you need to do is to explain why you believe that you’re an adult now and when you realized it for the first time. Was it when you started driving and, as a responsible young driver, had to learn all the rules? Or maybe it was the time when your parents left for some conference for a whole day and left you in charge of your younger siblings at home? How did you feel back then? And did you enjoy the feeling of responsibility? Just think of your own examples and describe them here.

11. What is the success for you?

The definition of success is different for all people. However, try to define it in the most reasonable way. What life do you have to live to call it “successful”? What accomplishments would make you feel happy and content? When writing an essay on this topic, mention how you think the education at the college of your choice can help you on the way to this success. Than your application to this educational establishment will make total sense.

12. Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

This question is closely connected to the one mentioned above. We definitely want to be successful. So, in fact, when crafting this piece, you are also defining success.

However, apart from being successful in the common sense of the word, you should also mention what specific steps you will take to achieve those goals.

Besides, students also describe their values. For instance, career people will say that in twenty years they want to run a company.

13. Whose life would you want to live for one day?

Maybe you always wondered what it felt like to be in Napoleon’s shoes and conquer so many countries? Or is it your pastor? Did you always want to live one day of his life and see what his day is packed with? Give room for imagination and think of the craziest ideas, and also explain why you chose them and how such experience can change your whole life.

14. What footprint you left in the community you live in?

This is one of the most exciting college application essays topics, as it gives you a chance to think of the way you influenced people among whom you live. You might think that you’re too young to assess it or that you have not affected anyone. But that’s most likely not true. Ask your parents: what you taught them about experience of parenting? Or if you have younger siblings, ask what they learnt from you. Enjoy!

15. What do you love doing the most?

Please don’t tell the readers that you like skiing unless it’s in some way relevant to what you are applying for. Think of only the best activities to mention. Don’t lose such a chance of impressing the readers with your wide circle of interests.

We hope that you take our tips seriously and prepare for answering questions similar to these ones, provided for you in our extensive college application essay topics list. Entering a college is not a simple task, yet with a perfectly crafted application letter, you can nail it in no time!