4 Advice How To Increase Your Vocabulary

4 Advice How To Increase Your Vocabulary

Ability to speak is the main distinction between human beings and the rest of the animate beings. However, it is an ability to talk in a proper language that makes a person educated and intelligent. Therefore, if you want to enhance your vocabulary, you can use our four tips as a starting point.

We all know that our language depends on our social background and learning abilities as well as many other factors. Nevertheless, these factors do not determine our language but rather just shape it. You might find the process of learning and enhancing your vocabulary a bit confusing at first, but remember that it is a determination that will make it all possible.

Therefore, let us start with a list of four tips that will help you increase your vocabulary in the most efficient manner.

    Our first tip is easy: learn new words
  • Our first tip is easy: learn new words.
    When you read a book and see a word that you either do not know or never used in your speech before, write it down in a particular journal. Try to surround yourself with books, newspapers and all kinds of other literature. Even online resources will do. You can challenge yourself to read an estimated amount of books with a particular time limit. Consider registering with Goodreads online resource. On this website, you will not only have a chance to get recommendations according to your favorite books and ratings you give but also set a reading challenge for the current year. Invite your friends there too to exchange your opinions and stay accountable to each other in your decision to read more in order to learn new words.
    Another option for you is to get a subscription to a magazine or a newspaper to read it every morning. Underline words you do not know and save them in your journal as well.
  • Once new words are found, you need to start learning them.
    Once new words are found, you need to start learning them The most efficient way of remembering words is trying to use it during the day to see how it can be applied in various contexts. In case you cannot find a way to use it throughout the day, share it with a friend of yours. Being able to hear yourself saying this word is a step one on the way to learning it.
    Moreover, psychologists say that writing something down has proven to be an easy and efficient way to enhance one’s vocabulary as this way a person remembers both what s/he has seen and written. As an idea, you can start your blog where you will come up with short publications with a word you have just discovered. Even more, you can do the same on the social networks.
  • This one might be tricky, but scientists say that learning Latin or Greek can also be highly effective when it comes to enhancing one’s vocabulary. Do not be afraid if you think that it is something not for you: you won’t need to learn all the particulars of these two languages. What we are saying is that knowing what prefix or suffix means can be helpful when trying to remember certain words or figure out what a word can really mean without a context. So take a notebook and a vocabulary where derivations are specified and go for it!
  • Finally, use the words you learned in a conversation.
    Finally, use the words you learned in a conversation After you solidified your knowledge of the phrase with writing them down and using them in sentences in your posts, make sure to use them in your speech as well. Next time you are with your friends, do not miss an opportunity to use your new vocabulary. However, avoid sounding like a walking Thesaurus: this will give you no privilege but will only make you sound pompous, and that is not what you are aiming for. Only use these new words when they fit and keep using conventional ones when they express your position better.

On top of that, you can engage in activities like speaking clubs or book clubs in order to be among people you can learn from as well as share your own experience.

In the end you will see that these tips make it possible for you to acquire new words and enhance your vocabulary. You should know that ability to speak in high proper language is one of the keys to success if you are looking for a job and don’t want to search for any cover letter writing help. People with a bigger vocabulary have higher chances of getting jobs of their dream once they go for an interview. So let this thought motivate you to think of working on your vocabulary as of a personal investment in future. Let us know how these tips worked out for you and what other techniques you use that our readers can find useful as well.