Analysis Essay: What Makes a Good College Entrance Essay?

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Writing a college essay is one way to foretell the outcome of your college admission. Your essay should always aim at revealing something more to you as a person that your grades and tests cannot reveal about you. The entrance essay focuses on the outer being of the individual. Therefore, this is your opportunity to show the admission faculty who you are as you give more information that did not appear on the application.

Ensure that the picture of you that you present to the admission officials, that is, your personality, background and writing ability comes out in the best way possible. Here are 15 tips to help you focus and make the most of your application essay easy.

Analyze the Prompt Thoroughly

First and foremost, take some time to ponder over the prompt. You could go ahead and split it into various sections then you can examine each keenly. A number of questions should be running through your mind by now. Why would the college officials ask this particular question? What exactly could they be looking for? Does the information outline your ability to perform in college? Well, these questions may initially take some time, but in the long run, they will save you a lot of time.

Open With An Anecdote


Being unique in your essay is one way to catch the attention and impress the admission officers while applying for college. As they expect that you begin your essay with catchy lines, why don’t you start by sharing the moment? Grab the reader by introducing mini-stories of your past as you describe how those moments shaped your life and how you came up with the decision to join college. Give a brief overview of yourself in such a story, this breaks the monotony of the admission faculty and they are left with no option than to accept you.

Just Do Your First Draft Without Paying Attention to Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

It is important to come up with an outline of all the points you need to mention to organize your essay. First and foremost, where do you want to have your examples featured? Next, get your ideas flowing as you draft your thoughts on the paper. Create the first outline and decide on the structure of the essay – how long to make each section and what to cover. Finally, decide on when you’re going to write. Should it be a paragraph a day? Coming up with a schedule, even if you’ll have to adjust it, later on, will definitely get your brain in motion.

You Can Also Get Started By Brain Storming

Brainstorm about your personality traits as you define your strengths. The college faculty is really interested in knowing what you can do and how you can do it best. If you get involved in extracurricular activities, it is the high time to include them in your essay. In as much as the college may focus more on academics, extracurricular activities like sports could be an added advantage to the student. This largely brings out some unique skills that you possess that could of great importance in the long run.

Shine the Limelight on Yourself

Considering that the college has your resume, don’t repeat what’s already on the resume. It is advisable to state your accomplishments on your essay. Reveal your personality and perhaps your goals in life. Let the college see the kind of an innovative person you can be. A person who is self-reliant and self-controlled is the kind of person they need.

Stop Trying So Hard


Being their first time, college students always make the mistake of trying to impress so hard. This can put undue pressure on them, and they may end up not really giving information about themselves as they aim at impressing. Your essay should always sound it’s from a novelist. The students should not, therefore, strain so much in writing the essay. A sense of awareness is what the admission officers could be looking for. Don’t sell yourself short in any way and take pride in yourself. You can as well try to outline those achievements that you think are most impressive although you should not over do this!

Put Yourself In The Shoes of the Admission Officials

All colleges want students who pick up from the start and hit the ground learning. As your write your application essay, it is important to present yourself as someone with an urge to learn, can think critically and has a passion for things. The admission officials expect that you show your intellectual vitality and curiosity not only in learning but also in other aspects.

Write Exactly About What Matters To You, Not What Matters To Them

The admissions faculty is looking for authenticity and quality of thinking among students. How do you want to impact this knowledge in other aspects of life? Those are the few questions that students should easily answer.

Read The Success Stories

You ought to read other essays that have worked before. Such essays will give you a clear picture of what you need to write and how you should write. A sample of an application essay gives you ideas of what you should include in the essay.

Don’t At Any Time Pretend To Be Somebody That You Are Not

You need to believe in yourself as you draft that essay. The essay serves as a glimpse into how your mind works, how you view the world in your own perspective. It somehow tries to deduce the amount of innovation any person could be having and what plans they need to put in place.

Keep Your Focus Narrow And Personal

It is advisable not to cover many topics in your essay. Otherwise, this may make your essay sound like a resume which doesn’t provide any details about you. Focus on one aspect so that the readers may have something to learn more about the kind of a person you are. Keep in mind that the readers should be able to identify the main idea and follow it from the beginning to the end. It’s always good to ask someone else to proofread on your behalf and correct you wherever mistakes may be seen as well as advice you if what you’ve written does make sense.

Follow Instructions

Following instructions is one key way to always end up successful in essay writing. Stick to the number of characters and words requested. The admissions office want to see how cooperative you can believe in terms of following instructions. They obviously relate this to the kind of work they work that they intend to give.


Know Your Vocabulary

College admissions officers expect that your vocabulary should be perfect. One of the common mistakes made in essays is whereby people use advanced vocabulary almost incorrectly. Advanced vocabulary should only spice the essay to add to it some flavor. In most cases, essays that contain too much-advanced vocabulary may come off as irritating or even comical to readers even though this was not the intention.

Write Succinctly

This generally means saying what you need to say in fewer words. Is it possible that you substitute and advanced vocabulary for a phrase? You should ensure that your writing concisely is expressed to the admissions officers to show that you can organize your thoughts and that you respect their time.

Seek Qualified Second Opinions

It is important to request others to go through your essay before you submit it. We may not always be perfect as we make mistakes often. However, limit the number of people to go through your work from two to three. Receiving feedback from too many people could end up confusing you and result in lower quality essay writing. Therefore, look for individuals who have background and expertise in college admissions process.


In conclusion, it is necessary that people have the right skills in writing college entrance essays. Most of the college entrance essays determine whether the individual is qualified or not to join the college. A good college entrance essay paves way for better performance in the colleges and higher discipline standards among the students.