Argumentative Essay: Why Extracurricular Activities Increase Student’s Career Prospects

Why Extracurricular Activities Increase Student's Career Prospects

It’s almost in every society that most parents don’t understand the importance of being involved in extracurricular activities. They do not see it worthy of your time. I can vividly remember, when I was in high school, my parents were always against me playing hockey which was my favorite sport. They insisted that I could not juggle between academics and sports. However, with the current competitive global market, research has shown that having a great academic track record is not enough to secure a graduate job. You need to be an all rounded person in order to increase your chances of enhancing your career prospects.

So, what else could help? Indulging in extracurricular activities could help you stand out from the crowd in a number of ways discussed below.

Generally, when you get involved in extracurricular activities, it talks a lot more about your personality and most importantly that you honor your commitments. People who are normally involved in these activities should set their priorities right. They should also meet their deadlines as well as be able to multi-task. It is also recommended to possess ideal social and networking skills. All these are considered as suitable attributes to a prospective employer.

Development of Careers

Extracurricular activities help develop the whole student who is all rounded up. Many students use their skills in extracurricular activities like athletics and sports and their academic ability to get sports scholarships to other universities. By including such activities as part of your resume, they will be an added advantage when you will be seeking for a job. The important skills that are acquired include leadership, teamwork as well as time management.

Improved Academic Grades

Research has also shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities in their schools tend to improve their academic grades as well. This is mostly as a result of better time management and they become more organized in their personal lives.

Personal Development

Extracurricular activities also contribute to an individual’s sense of commitment to a task or purpose through Dr.Cleaner reducing any kind of selfish behavior. Such students are more marketable in their workplace as they possess good working skills such as a good organization in their departments.

Students involved in extracurricular activities learn useful skills from their chosen activity. In integrating these activities into every day’s life, they learn more aspects such as critical thinking and social skills. Additionally, they develop life-long relationships and learn how to lead others. These skills are helpful later in their workplace, and they are mostly made leaders because of their unique sense of responsibility. The people skills required in the corporate world are honed during extra-curricular activities.

Extracurricular Activities Promote Admission of Students into Universities

By engaging in extracurricular activities, students find it way easier to get admission into universities. Lately, modern universities are now recruiting such students, who have much to offer besides their academic qualifications. It is well known, that many universities, as a result, make money from the engagement of extracurricular activities in their different areas.

There are personal benefits to get involved in school. Joining clubs and participating in decision boards gives you a sense of self-control as it gives you a sense of belonging to your environment.



Volunteering is also regarded as an extracurricular activity that has been popular in recent times. For instance, if one is considering getting into social work; they can as well volunteer and gain some experience, which is also a distinguishing factor between those with experience and the ones without.

Most people have taken up the challenge to volunteer in various departments such as art programs. Drama, music, and dance are some activities that people in campus can take part in when they create ample time. It is noted that such activities are also increasing career prospects among students.


Coming up with blogs and creating content is not a tough task. Many university students have taken up blogging as their extracurricular activity as it creates marketable platforms for them. For instance, by using social media platforms like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter, people are now able to present their documents easily and network all over the world. Social media has been rated as the fastest growing media that provides avenues to find new opportunities.

Uploading of videos on blog spots like word press has also cultivated a culture of building career profiles for potential graduates.


When you get involved in student leadership, it acts as an added advantage in student career prospects. Participating in student leadership generally, shows that you care and you want your voice to be heard. This mainly contributes to the leadership skills in a student, and companies would as much want self-driven leaders who have a vision. By virtue of participating in politics, it clearly shows that you could be a potential leader in future.

Joining Clubs and Societies

Many people in the university have had jobs as a result of being members of various clubs on campus. By joining clubs, you are able to mingle and interact with lots of people when you hold meetings. Joining clubs also creates new links and networks for an individual though the common conferences and summits that are held in different companies.

Participating in Organization Sales and Promotions

A number of students in the university have some kind of a part time job that the deal in. Most students opt to do sales and brand promotions of companies as they have short term contracts. They offer the flexibility that students require as they can go to class and later after class engages in the sales promotion. Through engaging in such organizations part time, these students have an added advantage in terms of business opportunities within the same organizations. As a matter of fact, some even end up getting employed when there are vacant positions.

Freelance Writing


This has been the most common source of capital for most university students. Freelancing involves a number of activities carried out online, with writing being the most popular. You could write articles and blog posts, eBooks, novels, essays or academic papers/term papers. There are a lot of freelance writing tasks that you could get involved in as a student to earn a buck! Freelance writing is flexible as it can be done at one’s own free time. Students acquire skills such as time management and improve their writing skills. It also increases the level of professionalism of the student as you get to learn how to look for or bid for jobs and manage work contracts with your clients. Other skills such as negotiation and conflict resolution are learned as you engage/work with more clients.

Getting Internships for Some Work Experience

Students can go ahead and apply for internship opportunities in companies. These internship opportunities further enlighten them on some job experience. They are now able to know what is expected of them in their places of work and the tasks they should perform. During your internship program, you could maybe earn the work ethics of an office or how to operate some equipment. Students who have had such an opportunity are considered way better in terms of production.


In conclusion, I will emphasize the importance of students engaging in extracurricular activities as it increases career prospects. The world is becoming highly competitive, and this move will only favor the few who have taken an extra mile and engage in extracurricular activities. Students in the universities are therefore encouraged to create job opportunities rather than look for employment.