College Application Essay Format for Students

College Application Essay Format for Students

All high school students feel optimistic about getting into the university of their dreams and going for bright future right after they graduate. However, most of them feel frightened when thinking about the necessity to create a unique and outstanding writing piece for the admissions board. Such pieces, also known as college application essays, can centre around various issues. However, no matter college application essay format or its topic, students usually don’t feel quite secure about crafting them.

We have been thinking of ways to assist you here. We want to try and help you find easier ways to deal with writing college application essays. For this reason, we have crafted a list of tips regarding format for college application essay, its contents, structure, and other vital elements. Pieces written using our tips will increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams in no time. So, let’s get started.

Tips on college application essays creation:

1. Keep it short.

Even though the task is immense, the text, in the end, has to be very short. Typically schools require around 250 words. This is what we can see on usual college application essay format template.

However, even in cases when a school sets no limit on the word count, one has to bear in mind that the admissions board has lots of letters to read every day. From the preliminary calculations, we can confirm that each member of the admissions board has to read at least several thousand of such letters. So, no matter how interesting it is, they only have a couple of minutes to familiarize themselves with your letter. Thus, if it is too long, they will stop reading it in the middle or skip some important parts.

Therefore, if you don’t want your writing to be scanned but not read, keep it short. Use all the great ideas you have but express them briefly.

Besides, you don’t want to bore the college admissions board to death by writing large text. After all, “brevity is the sister of talent”.

2. Keep it real.

If you have never been to the Olympics, than you should not lie about it in your application essay. Do not brag about your accomplishments, especially about the ones that are not relevant to the field of study you are applying for. You should present yourself in the best light. However, everything you mention in the essay must be real and honest.

On the other hand, you should not shy away. If you are good at something in particular, mention it. Do not be afraid to sound too good to be true if you really are good at something. If you held some leadership positions at school, write about it, since college entrance essay format requires you to describe why you believe that you meet the expectations of a college. Describe a dispute which you helped to settle or values you stood up for. Whatever bright experiences you had, be sure to mention them.

3. Stand out of the crowd.

Most students tell the same stories and use the same standard facts in their applications. That is why we highly recommend you using something different to stand out. Be original and present even the most ordinary things differently.

Just think about it: there will be at least a few thousands of applicants to the school you want to study at. And they mostly send similar essays telling how much they want to study there and that they knew this is The College of their dreams since their childhood.

To get noticed, one has to be truly remarkable. So, before you start writing, consider listing ideas and traits which make you unique and exciting. Was there anything you did in the past which makes you a perfect find for them? What shaped you into the being you are today? Do you have particular experience which proves that you are the one they are looking for? Once you find something that makes you the best candidate, add it to your piece and emphasize the significance of this experience. This will help you to get noticed.

4. Demonstrate that you are sociable.

Universities believe that they are more than merely educational establishments. They consider themselves to be communities which have their own well-organized lifestyle. So, it is important to be a friendly person who will feel comfortable among other students with all their numerous parties and meetings as well as other social activities. You need to convince the admissions board that you can quickly deal with it and won’t feel stressed out or under pressure all the time.

5. Watch your tone.

It is wonderful if you have a great sense of humour. Students who can quickly make others laugh and feel comfortable in any company are an asset to any school. However, you need to ensure that it is appropriate to use jokes in your writing. We recommend you checking college application essay examples format before applying to see what other young people wrote on their applications.

We don’t say you cannot joke, but it is better to watch your tone and remember that your target audience are people older than you who expect you to show some respect. So, make sure that no matter how hilarious the joke seems to you, the recipients will see it the same way.

All in all, ask your friends or parents to give you their feedback on what you write in a humorous manner. If they confirm that this is funny, than you can leave it in your document.

6. Sound intelligent.

When applying to a good college, bear in mind that this is a place where all people are smart and if you are willing to enter it, you have to sound as if you belong there.

Use smart vocabulary instead of your regular daily words. You can even use Thesaurus for this purpose. The only thing we want to ask you here is to avoid using smart words only. Be real. Schools don’t want to get some crabbed high schooler but rather an intelligent young person. Make sure you take it into account when composing an excellent piece for your future college.

7. Stick to the correct format.

Ability to comply with the requirements is essential to all students. And you can demonstrate this skill by reading the application essay format instructions and sticking to them. You need to make sure you use the proper citation format as well as the correct essay structure.

Moreover, read the prompt carefully to see whether everything is clear to you and whether you know all the details and realize how accurately you can do everything required from you.

Usually, college application guide requires you to use the structure which consists of an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

So, consult professionals and ask your teachers for advice on essay format for college application.

8. Use hooks.

The beginning of your essay has to be intriguing, controversial, or simply entertaining to make a good first impression. Thus, use all the available resources to impress the admissions board. Don’t be afraid to sound controversial. As we know from our experience, things which sound contradictory attract more attention than any others. They make readers want to argue with you but, first, to see how well you back up your position.

So, use some claims which don’t correspond to the prevailing opinion. Also, you can start with a quote by a famous person which is relevant to what you are going to write about. Or you can choose to start with an anecdote from your life. It will demonstrate your personality as well as serve as a hook for your target audience.

All in all, use hooks to draw attention.

9. Create outlines.

Take some time to craft a good outline which will serve as a foundation for your document. Start with brainstorming. What are the stories you want to tell in your essay? What makes you look better and stand out in a crowd? What evidence will you use to back up your statements? All this should be written down and then only the best ideas should be added to the piece.

The outlines usually help students to sort out what they want to put in their essay and save them a lot of time. You can focus on the writing process itself, instead of searching for ideas and losing concentration because of it.

So, we also recommend crafting an outline first.

10. Revise the paper carefully.

Most students believe that writing is the hardest and the longest part of the college application process. However, from what we know, once everything is written, it is time to start revising the document.

It might take up to few hours if you want everything to be perfect and in its place. One has to check their writing for grammar, punctuation, common sense, and typos. To check all of this, they might consider reading the text backwards aiming to concentrate on one problem at a time. Besides, students can use technologies like Grammarly and Hemingway to check the general flow of the text as well as find the typos and misspellings. When you use them, you save so much time and effort. Don’t forget to pay attention to how you format college application essay because it should correspond to the requirements set by a college.

However, there is one thing no technological solution can do for you. This thing is checking the general sense of your essay. You are the only one who can say for sure whether you said everything you wanted to say explicitly. So, you will need to dedicate some time to checking this.

We hope that these tips will help you master the art of crafting a college application letter. They are rather short and simple but effective. Other than that, let us know what secrets to successful writing you know and use and why you believe they are essential to learn for every student while applying to colleges. We wish you the best of luck in the meantime. Enjoy the writing process!