The Fastest Ways to Achieve Success in Your Writing Career

The Fastest Ways to Achieve Success in Your Writing Career

You studied management, graduated, got a job and were good at it but always felt like you are doing something wrong? You took several additional courses and even wanted to order the best resume online to improve your CV and get another job, maybe slightly more interesting? Wanted to do something else? And then it came to you: you want to be a writer. You have always wanted it. Writing career is an adventure not all of us can handle. However, if it is something you are willing to start, here are the tips on how you can achieve success in this career.


Before we take a closer look at ways to become a success in your writing career, let’s start with planning it. Planning your career is essential, as it ensures you will achieve more than if you choose to go with the flow. Set your goals, specify where you want to be in a significant time in the future, and stick to your decisions. While still on your way to the top of your career ladder, take breaks to stop and analyze the achievements you left behind and mistakes you want to avoid in the future. Remember that your successful writing career should start with a comprehensive plan for the next year or a few months.


If talking now about the fastest ways to achieve success in your writing career, then here is what you need to remember: you will have to be persistent to get into the market and take a position in a prestigious company.

Once you choose your field of writing, start calling or sending emails to the magazines, newspapers or journals that might be interested in your articles. To get accepted, you should sound like a pro when talking to them on the phone. Be confident and sound determined. Consider these two ideas when writing to the editors of magazines you want to be published in: send an official, yet slightly casual, email with at least two suggestions on the topic of the articles you’ll be able to provide for this publication. Another idea is to send an editor an abstract from an article you wrote to give him a better understanding of your style and level of expertise on the subject.

Another fast way is to start writing in a blog or any other resource. Choose a narrow topic you are versed in and keep writing at least a few notes on this subject in your blog. You need to build up your name, so be ready to work hard. Your final goal is to create strong recognition, so that whenever the potential employers hear about a particular topic, they automatically think of you as the writer versed in this field. The process of coming up with the field of writing is described in our other articles. However, so that you know, the topic should be based on your likes, dislikes, passions and hobbies.


The next way is through creating your own network of people that are involved in the activities you are writing about. Seek for opportunities to expand our social connections and be open for new opportunities. For instance, if you are writing about cooking, consider enrolling in a cooking course. You will be able to meet lots of people there that are likely to invite you to more events like this one. Thus, the number of individuals that can be useful for you to advance your knowledge of the field will increase, and new doors for professional growth will open before you.

Another way to achieve success in your career is by meeting editors in person. Remember that you need to become a real person for them not just an Internet connection they have never met before. Therefore, seek opportunities to visit places where editors are gathered to build relationship (e.g. attend international conferences, summits, and other events of this sort.) Moreover, you should also get on the list of prestigious PR agencies. Consider visiting press-conferences to meet their representatives or opt for searching for their contacts online and sending an email. You need to get known among PR managers.

Another way to achieve more in you writing career is by taking part-time jobs to stay. Look at this tip in this way: as long as your part-time job is related to what you are writing about, it is a good choice. Again, if you are writing about cooking, you can become a columnist in a local magazine where you will share your favorite recipes or share experience of eating at different restaurants. Think of this job as of a contribution in your career. A lot of writers pick up part times to be able to get by.


Finally, consider writing for bigger blogs as a guest writer. Once you get recognized on the main blogs of the field, it will become easier for you to start your blog. This option is actually a good idea for talented writers who are looking for freelance work and a start of the career. Your name will become known, and that is one of the keys to the successful writing career.

We hope that our tips are helpful to you. Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments. We appreciate hearing back from you!