Top 5 Apps to Help Writers Maintain and Clean up Their Computers

TTop 5 Apps to Help Writers Maintain and Clean up Their Computers

Being one of the professional writers for business online I know how quickly a computer can get clogged with the duplicate files, unnecessary drafts, task descriptions, various images, etc. I haven’t even mentioned personal photos and files found on any PC. You can actually organize your files manually and sort them from time to time. But what you can do instead is to maintain and clean up your computer with the help of these 5 well-performing apps.

1. Duplicate Cleaner

This is a free app developed to help you find and remove any duplicate files in your system. You will be surprised to discover how many identical files are stored on your PC. The app scans documents, audio files and images and deletes any useless items it detects. As a result, you free up more space in your system, make it work faster and more reliably. The app has been developed for Windows and has a friendly user-interface that makes the cleaning process even easier for writers. With its advanced filtering features, Duplicate Cleaner detects identical images, even if they have been rotated, renamed or resized. It is capable of searching inside of archived files or finding duplicate folders even if they are named differently. In the same way, it easily sorts music that you use for writing inspiration or just for fun. It is possible to narrow the search and set some custom searching options.

2. Dr.Cleaner


This is a system cleaning app for Mac users. It is absolutely free and offers advanced memory optimization to keep your system well-kept and optimized. It cleans your Mac system and disks of any junk files, temporary files, system cache and detects big files in your system. The app also monitors your system to ensure the best performance your Mac could offer. You can even uninstall apps with its help and remove any related files. Dr.Cleaner has an easy and intuitive user-interface that ensures faultless user-experience and lets you optimize the system with just one click. Users can also view their CPU and network usage in real-time. The app empties your trash folder when cleaning the whole system to boost up your Mac performance. It instantly reclaims memory from closed apps and tracks apps that take too much memory.

3. DropIt

It is a free app for Windows that will allow you to set the instructions for certain types of files. Let’s say, you can move all the .jpg files to Pictures. It is possible to set this instruction for a Downloads folder too. The app will scan the folder as soon as new files arrive. DropIt is also capable of compressing, copying, and extracting files – useful for downloaded zipped music files or images that you want to store in a particular folder. Choosing the instructions is very easy – you select the file type, choose the instruction from the drop-down menu, and select the destination folder where your files should be sent to.

4. Dropbox

If you are a writer, creating backups is highly important. In the case of any system crash or data loss, you need to make sure you have all your files securely stored. Dropbox will do a good job with it. It is a cloud storage service that is perfect for smaller files. You can install it on your PC, tablet or smartphone and access your files wherever you are. The app will also create a folder on your PC where you will be able to store new files without logging into your account. You might want to save all your previous projects or your current long-time project. The choice of cloud providers is enormous. It just depends on whether you are going to pay for your monthly subscription or not. Dropbox gives you only 2Gb for free, while Google Drive is happy to offer you 15 Gb. You might consider using multiple cloud services for your data backups. However, you don’t actually need huge-capacity cloud storages for your writing projects. There is a lot of services offering unlimited storage but they tend to be really expensive.

IoLo System Mechanic

5. IoLo System Mechanic

The app will help you enjoy the faster PC performance and faster startup times. It removes unnecessary apps and any junk files in your system. It also does a good job in terms of security – it blocks undesired auto-run settings, bloatware, clears out RAM, caches and browser history. As a result, it cleans and frees up system resources. Significant speed improvement can be observed upon running the app. It goes both in a free and a premium versions. The latter one includes a file recovery tool which is quite handy for writers who can accidentally delete important files. All in all, it’s a great app to maintain your PC and work on your writing projects uninterruptedly.


When the PC is fast and everything is sorted by folders, the working process cannot bring you more joy. Keep your files in order and clean up your PC or Mac on a regular basis to enjoy uninterrupted and smooth writing. We hope these selected 5 apps will help you with it. What would you add as the 6-th app to help writers maintain and clean up computers?

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